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5-Stone Silver Cuff    
Large - Elegant and beautiful with 5 colorful and polished stones set in this br...
Price: $21.90
Ankh Cuff : Silver
Giant and impressive 3" Ankh pendant on Silver Cuff.
Price: $18.90
Ankh Cuff: Gold
Giant and impressive 3" Ankh pendant on Gold Cuff.
Price: $18.90

Antique Bone Necklace & Earring Set
Elegant and exotic this Antique Bone Necklace & Earring Set will enhance any war...
Price: $17.90
Beaded Breastplate Set 
Necklace Set: Black    
Price: $25.95
Beaded Necklace Set
With an African flair with this Beaded Necklace Set.
Price: $22.90

Beaded Temple Set
Necklace & Earrings Set
Price: $29.95
Black Elephant Hair Plant Fiber Bracelet
These elephant hair bracelets are made of other natural materials, but have the ...
Price: $9.99
Black/White Nigerian Leather Bracelets
Subtle sophisticated from Nigeria
Price: $10.95

Brass Cuff
Trumpeting Elephant    
Price: $25.90
Brass Tri-Metal Set    
Necklace & Earring Set    
Price: $25.90
Brown Bone Bracelet
Have a rich, ethnic look that matches with anything!
Price: $14.90

Childrens Beaded Bracelet
A set of 3 - Children's Kenyan Beaded Leather Bracelet    
Price: $9.00
Copper Twist Metal Bracelet
Made of copper, this bracelet is 8.5".
Price: $19.95
Cowrie Shell Bracelet
Rasta- Cowrie shells are an African symbol of fertility and sensuality.
Price: $9.95

Cowrie Shell Jewelry Set
Cowry Your Way to Culture!
Price: $21.90
Double Totem Necklace Set
Blue Bead -  32" long. 3" pendant. 2" Earrings.
Price: $17.90
Empress Necklace & Earring Set
Elephant- Capture the spirit of Africa
Price: $25.90

Engraved Ankh 1" Necklace & Earrings
Engraved Ankh 1" Necklace & Earrings The ankh is a powerful symbol of both the a...
Price: $25.95
Ghana Trade Bead Bracelet
Beautifully made bracelet made from colored glass trade beads.
Price: $15.90
Ghana Trade Bead Long Necklace
Add some Ghanaian beauty to your look.
Price: $39.90

Ghanaian Large Chevron
Bead Bracelet - Beautifully made bracelet made from colored glass beads.
Price: $19.90
Golden Cuff w/Red Beads
2.25" high. 7" circumference with adjustable gap for any wrist size.
Price: $17.90
Golden Metal Cuff
w/Woven Metal    
Price: $17.90

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