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Author Lande Yoosuf
ISBN 9798218106249
Ko-Foe: The Story of a Nigerian, Muslim Family in the New York Diaspora - Kofo, a Brooklyn-bred Nigerian American woman, straddles between appeasing her parents' vision of success and finding her true identity outside of their world views. Maintaining this balance was manageable until she met the male version of herself--a British-Nigerian named Tunde. She naively assumes her family (mother, father, sister) will take a liking to Tunde, but his addition to the family brings disruptions of their pursuits of the status quo. It also prompts jealousy from her sister, who often fades into the background to keep the focus on Kofo. Kofo's father Akeem simultaneously exposes a long-held secret that was formerly a family taboo. This news doubles down on the existing life stressors of the women in the family, scattering them all into a state of frenzy over the loss of their main patriarch. "Ko-Foe" is a story about a West-African family that builds its identity on a false foundation, while striving to maintain their cultural values and assimilate into Western society. Kofo's relationship forces the entire family to engage with their community authentically, and to confront each other after years of avoiding uncomfortable truths.
Price: $14.99
The Story of a Nigerian, Muslim Family in the New York Diaspora
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