The Secret Doctrine of Melchizedek

Author G. C. F. Grumbine
ISBN 0948390727
The Secret Doctrine of The Order of Melchizedek in The Bible - All that is known historically of Melchizedek is contained in the bible, in Genesis 4: 18; Psalms 110 and Hebrews 5: 6,7. The incident which connects him with history is the story of how Abraham , returning to his own country with the spoils captured from Chedorlaomer who was battling Lot, his sons and tribe and whom, Abraham sought to rescue, gave tithes to this superior functionary, Melchizedek, high priest of righteousness and king of Salem, city of peace. It relates how this distinguished priest of the most high God refreshed Abraham with bread and wine and bestowed upon him his blessing, making him a priest of his own order. The object of this book is to hint and reveal, so far as it is practical, the Secret Doctrine of the Bible, that we may no longer grope in darkness or blindness and that the seamless robe of Christ may be our inheritance.
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In The Bible.
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