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The Holy Qur'an

Author Maulana Muhammad Ali
ISBN 0913321052
The Holy Qur'an with English Translation and Commentary (Paperback) - was the revelation given to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) from Allah (God)by way of the Angel Gabriel (S.R.A.) approx. 1400 A.D. A highly acclaimed work, first published in 1917, the first generally available English rendering by a Muslim. Revised by the translator & re-published in 1951. Contains the Arabic text & English translation in parallel columns, with explanatory notes underneath. The translation is idiomatic, yet more faithful to the Arabic original than other translations. Detailed notes discuss meanings of all important words, review previous explanations of various passages & reach an interpretation with scholarly integrity. All conclusions are based on sound principles & strong arguments. There are extensive references to standard authorities. Modern criticism is fully dealt with & misconceptions about Islam are cleared. Comprehensive introduction deals with Islamic teachings & the collection of the Quran. Extensive index of subjects & of Arabic words. "Redesigned, retype set, with expanded index." Shipping may be from multiple locations in the US or from the UK, depending on stock availability.
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The Holy Qur'an with English Translation and Commentary (Paperback)
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