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Fiji Random: Volume 1

Author Justin Raimey
ISBN 0990003035
Venture into the world of Fiji Random! A kooky comedy featuring gamer-girl Fiji Maide and her epic struggle to arrive to school on time! This story includes its own unique style with humorous 4-panel comics splashed between the main storyline. Are you looking for an exciting tale filled to the brim with milk, sweeties and random high school hijinks? How about gamers, half-zombies, accidental homicide, cos-playing moms, and cute little aliens addicted to milt (look it up)? Well, there's that and more in the amazing world of Fiji Random! Get ready for a story full of laughs, video game references, and unpredictability. Fiji Random is everything you wish your high school life could be!
Price: $12.99
Venture into the world of Fiji Random!
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