The Health and Wellness Ministry...

Author Edwin Hamilton
ISBN 1594674698
The Health and Wellness Ministry in the African American Church - Edwin H. Hamilton, M.D., D.Min., writes this provocative book introducing and establishing throughout the Black Church a program of Preventive Health Education through a Health and Wellness Ministry. Riggins R. Earl, Jr., PhD., noted theologian/philosopher, writes an insightful introduction based on Booker T. Washington's teachings.The prevailing spiritual thought embodies I Corinthians 6:19: Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. A three-part Model-in-Ministry design comprises the Minister of Health and Wellness Preventive Health Education and Community Health Outreach. These are explained for Health Ministers and laity alike. The ministry's theological foundation is presented succinctly. The planning of the Ministry and The Community Health Fair is clearly explained. The summary and conclusions give precise points regarding the ministry. Empowering course outlines for the Health and Wellness Ministry give concise pathways for any church to use for Health Ministry establishment.
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in the African American Church
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