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History of the Yoruba People

Author Alfred Burton Ellis
ISBN 1503245136
History of the Yoruba People: Their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, Language, Etc - "The Yoruba people are descendants from a variety of West African communities. They are united by Geography, History, Religion and most importantly Language... They all speak Yoruba. In present day West Africa, the main countries where Yoruba speaking people live are Nigeria, Togo and Benin. These countries are very close together. Many years ago, before African slavery, the Yoruba people inhabited an area which stretched, along the coast of West Africa, all the way inward and down to Angola in South West Africa. During the period of African Slavery, from the late 1500's to the late 1800's, millions of Yoruba people were forcibly taken out of Africa.
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Their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, Language, Etc
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