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The Poetry Book About M.E.

Author Chanekka Pullens
ISBN 5800118313802
The Poetry Book About M.E.: Melanin Experience - was written to take us through the journey and challenges with being black. History reveals that the black man and woman around the world face tragic and sometimes fatal oppression. This book illustrates the emotional, mental, and physical impact that racism and dehumanization causes the black soul. The true intention of this book is to speak up and speak out about the inhumane actions against the person of color. To promote the awareness that is in dire need of these conditions. History repeats itself. We're trapped in this perpetual racial cycle because the views are basically the same as it's been throughout history. But now, it's time to leave the views from the past, in history, and move towards a better day. A better day that is present in today. Not in the past. Not in history.
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Melanin Experience
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