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Shaka Zulu

Author Joshua Sinclai
ISBN 1483903729
Shaka Zulu - LIMITED AUTOGRAPHED EDITION This is the original unedited manuscript of the 1985 bestselling novel by Joshua Sinclair which was adapted by him into the legendary television series by the same name. This true story chronicles with mythic detail the life of Shaka Zulu, the greatest African leader in history. Framed around Queen Victoria's decision on England's political stance towards the Zulu Nation, the novel starts with Shaka's illegitimate birth, taking us through his difficult childhood, his obsessive attachment to his mother Nandi, to his overthrow of the leadership of the Zulu nation. Building on his innovative methods of warfare, King Shaka established the most disciplined standing army in the history of Mankind (over one million strong at any given time) expanding the Zulu domain from a small tribe of less than 2,000 to an empire greater than that of Napoleon encompassing much of what is now south-east Africa.
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