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Sylvia's Family Soul Food Cookbook

Author Sylvia Woods
ISBN 0688162193
Sylvia's Family Soul Food Cookbook - The "Queen of Soul Food" writes about family and friends and tells her remarkable rags-to-riches success story. 125 recipes. Here are the kinds of recipes you'd find if you visited the Woods family's home. Sylvia's daughter Bedelia is well known for her Barbecued Beef Short Ribs, which are as sassy and spicy as Bedelia herself. Kenneth, Sylvia's youngest son, has loved to fish ever since he was a child, spending his summers by the fishing hole in Hemingway. Now Kenneth's son, DeSean, enjoys fishing, too. Kenneth's Honey Lemon Tile-fish, DeSean's favorite, is just one of Kenneth's special recipes presented here.
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From Hemingway, South Carolina, to Harlem
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