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True to the Game

Author Teri Woods
ISBN 096722490X
True to the Game: A Teri Woods Fable ( Teri Woods Fable ) - True to the Game is considered a 'street classic' and for over twenty years has been in the hearts of its readers with a story like no other. Gena the main character finds herself in true blue love with Quadir, a millionaire associated with the cartel. Quadir is faced with combating the art of extortion and interception masterminded by the notorious Junior Mafia, which reigns from the inner city streets of Philadelphia onto the pages of this book. Both Gena and Quadir find themselves caught up in the vicious, yet seductive, world of drugs and money, only to find that success int his Game is no easy win. There's no way out once you're in, and everyone in stays forever...TRUE. Enjoy a copy today of the ORIGINAL and CLASSIC cover copy of TRUE TO THE GAME!
Price: $25.00
A Teri Woods Fable ( Teri Woods Fable )
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