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Author Karen Williams
ISBN 1590787129
A Beach Tail
How will Gregory find his way back to Dad? Swish-swoosh . . .
Price: $19.95
Author Vera B. Williams
ISBN 0688040748
A Chair for My Mother
After a fire destroys their home and possessions, Rosa, her mother, and her gran...
Price: $9.99
Author Edward B. Smith, Susan Anderson
ISBN 0865434042
A Lullaby For Daddy
A Lullaby for Daddy is the sleepy-time story of Rosie, an African American child...
Price: $8.95

Author Sheron Williams
ISBN 0692743340
A Prayer for My Family
Children of All Ages can Enjoy learning to Pray with Sara.
Price: $8.95
Author Pete Seeger
ISBN 0689718101
Based on a South African Lullaby and Folk Story
Price: $9.99
Author Margy Burns Knight, Mark Melnicove
ISBN 0761316477
Africa Is Not A Country
Itís a continent
Price: $11.99

Author Mary Hoffman
ISBN 0803710402
Amazing Grace
Grace loves stories, whether they're from books, movies, or the kind her grandmo...
Price: $19.99
Author Cynthia Chin-Lee
ISBN 1570915237
Amelia to Zora
Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World
Price: $9.95
Author L S P
ISBN 1495973808
Ankhology for Children
Ankhology For Children is a self help positive motivation youth literature...
Price: $12.50

Author Margaret W. Musgrove
ISBN 0140546049
Ashanti to Zulu
African Traditions
Price: $8.99
Author Faith Ringgold
ISBN 0517885433
Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky
When Cassie Louise Lightfoot encounters Harriet Tubman...
Price: $10.99
Author Andrew Gutelle
ISBN 0394809831
Baseball's Best
Five True Stories
Price: $5.99

Author Ashley Bryan
ISBN 0689847319
Beautiful Blackbird
With vibrant cut-paper collages, a Coretta Scott King Award-winner presents an a...
Price: $21.99
Author Trina Robbins
ISBN 073687903X
Bessie Coleman
Daring Stunt Pilot ( Graphic Library: Graphic Biographies (Paperback) )
Price: $10.95
Author Ebony Troncoso
ISBN 1986054578
Best Friend First, Dad Second
Who needs a best friend when you have an amazing dad?
Price: $11.00

Author Kamiesha Anderson-Wieder
ISBN 0692119655
Binky the Mermaid - Hardcover
The Fin-Tastic Race
Price: $17.99
Author Kamiesha Anderson-Wieder
ISBN 0692139699
Binky the Mermaid - Paperback
The Fin-Tastic Race
Price: $12.99
Author Mr. Chakava
ISBN 0316033820
Bippity Bop Barbershop
In this companion book to the bestselling "I Love My Hair!,"
Price: $9.00

Author Sonia Cunningham Leverette
ISBN 0998123005
BJ's Big Dream
A young boy achieves his dream through faith, desire and patience.
Price: $10.00
Author Joyce Moyer Hostetter
ISBN 1590788354
Ann Fay Honeycutt accepts the role of "man of the house" when her father leaves ...
Price: $10.95
Author Virginia Hamilton
ISBN 0439367867
In a gorgeous tale of an unexpected friendship, ten-year-old Dreenie feels...
Price: $8.99

Author Louie T. McClain II
ISBN 1626769109
Brick by Brick
A Snippet of the Life of Booker T. Washington
Price: $16.99
Author Cheryl Willis Hudson & Bernette G. Ford
ISBN 0940975238
Bright Eyes Brown Skin
This simple rhyming text celebrates positive images...
Price: $10.95
Author Joyce Carol Thomas
ISBN 0064434397
Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea
In this inspiring collection of poems,...
Price: $9.99

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