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Recommended Titles

Author Ralph Ginzburg
ISBN 0933121180
100 Years Of Lynchings

Price: $16.95
Author Marlon James
ISBN 1594633940
A Brief History of Seven Killings

Price: $19.00
Author Marvin Dunn
ISBN 1519372671
A History of Florida

Price: $39.99
Author Edward B. Smith, Susan Anderson
ISBN 0865434042
A Lullaby For Daddy

Price: $8.95
Author Matt de la Pena
ISBN 0803731671
A Nation's Hope

Price: $19.99

Author Iyanla Vanzant
ISBN 0671864165
Acts Of Faith

Price: $16.99
Author Margy Burns Knight, Mark Melnicove
ISBN 0761316477
Africa Is Not A Country

Price: $11.99
Author Tony Rose
ISBN 0982492200
African American History in the USA

Price: $22.95
Author Llaila Afrika
ISBN 1617590312
African Holistic Health

Price: $21.95
Author Tokunbo Adelekan
ISBN 0817014616
African Wisdom

Price: $13.00

Author Ishakamusa Barashango -
ISBN 160281001X
Afrikan People and European Holidays Vol 2

Price: $16.95
Author Bryant Terry
ISBN 1607745313

Price: $29.50
Author Mary Hoffman
ISBN 0803710402
Amazing Grace

Price: $19.99
Author Cynthia Chin-Lee
ISBN 1570915237
Amelia to Zora

Price: $9.95
Author David Mac Ritchie
ISBN 1930097875
Ancient and Modern Britons Vol. I

Price: $26.95

Author Wayne B. Chandler
ISBN 1574780018
Ancient Future

Price: $20.95
Author Emunah Y'srael
ISBN 1515290565
Angry 'Black' Woman Syndrome

Price: $15.95
Author Andrew Gutelle
ISBN 0394809831
Baseball's Best

Price: $5.99
Author Trina Robbins
ISBN 073687903X
Bessie Coleman

Price: $10.95
Author Bloom & Martin
ISBN 0520271858
Black Against Empire

Price: $47.00

Author Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN 0913543829
Black Economics

Price: $18.95
Author Paul Mooney
ISBN 1416587969
Black Is the New White

Price: $19.99
Author Claud Anderson
ISBN 0966170210
Black Labor, White Wealth

Price: $19.95
Author Sue Bradford Edwards and Duchess Harris JD PhD
ISBN 1624038980
Black Lives Matter

Price: $39.07
Author Frank Kofsky
ISBN 0873488598
Black Music, White Business

Price: $17.95

Author Robin Oliver Walker
ISBN 1489578277
Blacks and Science Volume One

Price: $16.00
Author Amos N. Wilson
ISBN 187916406x
Blueprint for Black Power

Price: $49.95
Author William Blinn
ISBN 0553266187
Brian's Song

Price: $9.99
Author Tracye Lynn McQuirter
ISBN 1556529988
By Any Greens Necessary

Price: $16.95
Author Malcolm X
ISBN 0873487540
By Any Means Necessary

Price: $16.00

Author Michael Bradley
ISBN 0883781743
Chosen People from the Caucasus

Price: $19.95
Author Ann Rinaldi
ISBN 0152063927
Come Juneteenth

Price: $9.99
Author Kimberly McLeod
ISBN 0982982518
Cooking Is For Girls

Price: $17.00
Author Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN 0913543969
Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

Price: $20.95
Author Whoopi Goldberg
ISBN 0786852658
Dancing Diva

Price: $6.99

Author Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN 0913543012
Developing Positive Self Images In Black Children

Price: $14.95
Author Suzy Cohen
ISBN 1605294160
Drug Muggers

Price: $23.99
Author Muata Ashby
ISBN 1884564011
Egyptian Yoga: Volume 1

Price: $19.99
Author Ossie Davis
ISBN 0140343555
Escape to Freedom

Price: $7.99
Author Bob Marley
ISBN 1452106975
Every Little Thing

Price: $18.99

Author Susan Anderson
ISBN 0865434530
Flowers for Mommy

Price: $8.95
Author Norm Mattox
ISBN 1483586154
Get Home Safe!

Price: $12.00
Author Chris Crowe
ISBN 0803728042
Getting Away with Murder

Price: $20.99
Author Dr Godfrey K Tabansi
ISBN 0977861015
Guiding Your Children Into Their Destiny

Price: $10.90
Author Eloise Greenfield
ISBN 0064430979
Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems

Price: $8.99

Author Michael Oher
ISBN 1592406386
I Beat the Odds

Price: $18.00
Author Nasir Hakim
ISBN 0316523755
I Love My Hair

Price: $9.99
Author Janice Liddell, Linda Nickens
ISBN 0865433666
Imani & the Flying Africans

Price: $6.95
Author Indus Khamit Kush
ISBN 1617590959
In Defense of Stolen Legacy

Price: $19.95
Author Donald Goines
ISBN 758273207
Inner City Hoodlum

Price: $7.93

Author Ali & Maulana Muhammad
ISBN 0913321060
Introduction to the Study of the Holy Quran

Price: $14.95
Author Michele N-K Collison
ISBN 0060934875
It's All Good Hair

Price: $15.99
Author Dan Gutman
ISBN 0380800845
Jackie & Me

Price: $7.99
Author Juanita Havill
ISBN 0395453577
Jamaica's Find

Price: $8.95
Author Kathryn Hubbard
ISBN 0295992107
James Baldwin in Turkey

Price: $22.95

Author Ralph Waldo Ellison
ISBN 0375707549

Price: $17.95
Author Michael Porter
ISBN 0913543543
Kill Them Before They Grow

Price: $12.95
Author Wes Tooke
ISBN 1442433477
King of the Mound

Price: $9.99
Author Leon Walter Tillage
ISBN 0374443300
Leon's Story

Price: $9.99
Author Fred Crump Jr.
ISBN 1555231934
Little Red Ridding Hood

Price: $8.95

Author Dr. Tamara Pizzoli
ISBN 0996001662
M Is for Mohawk

Price: $16.95
Author Teetee L. Weisel
ISBN 1592210643
Manna From The Motherland

Price: $19.95
Author Peter Benjaminson
ISBN 1569762481
Mary Wells

Price: $29.95
Author Richard Corman
ISBN 0692493239
Misty Copeland

Price: $14.99
Author Ann Cameron
ISBN 0679883630
More Stories Huey Tells

Price: $6.99

Author ChiChi Babies
ISBN 1592324614
Mouth is for Speaking Truth

Price: $7.95
Author Zondervan Publishing
ISBN 0310719879
My Holy Bible for African-American Children-KJV

Price: $27.99
Author Lonnice B. Bonner
ISBN 140005169X
Nice Dreads

Price: $15.99
Author Randall Kennedy
ISBN 0375713719

Price: $16.95
Author Llaila Afrika
ISBN 1617590681

Price: $20.95

Author Unknown
ISBN 0948390468
Original Maccabees Bible-OE

Price: $21.95
Author John Taylor
ISBN 1589971434
Parent's Guide to the Spiritual Growth of Children

Price: $21.99
Author Eloise Greenfield
ISBN 1600602622
Paul Robeson

Price: $12.95
Author Spike Lee
ISBN 0689834578
Please, Baby, Please

Price: $9.99
Author Joy Angela Degruy
ISBN 0985217200
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Price: $21.95

Author Claud Anderson
ISBN 0966170229

Price: $28.00
Author Suzette T. Caldwell
ISBN 0768427517
Praying to Change Your Life

Price: $17.99
Author Huey P. Newton
ISBN 0143105329
Revolutionary Suicide

Price: $21.00
Author Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN 0913543675
Satan, I'm Taking Back My Health!

Price: $16.95
Author Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN 1934155098
State of Emergency

Price: $18.95

Author George G. M. James
ISBN 0865433623
Stolen Legacy

Price: $12.95
Author George G. M. James
ISBN 1494861992
Stolen Legacy

Price: $12.95
Author George G. M. James
ISBN 1617590746
Stolen Legacy

Price: $11.95
Author Jeff Pearlman
ISBN 1592407374

Price: $22.00
Author Sylvia Woods
ISBN 0688162193
Sylvia's Family Soul Food Cookbook

Price: $32.00

Author Robert Greene
ISBN 0140280197
The 48 Laws Of Power

Price: $27.00
Author Cheikh Anta Diop
ISBN 1556520727
The African Origin of Civilization

Price: $18.95
Author Nur Ankh Amen
ISBN 1617590401
The Ankh

Price: $10.95
Author Earl Ofari Hutchinson
ISBN 0684836572
The Assassination of the Black Male Image

Price: $16.99
Author Kersey Graves
ISBN 0948390670
The Bible of Bibles

Price: $18.95

Author Dr. John L. Johnson
ISBN 0970971508
The Black Biblical Heritage

Price: $29.95
Author C.L.R. James
ISBN 0679724672
The Black Jacobins

Price: $19.00
Author Toni Morrison
ISBN 0307278441
The Bluest Eye

Price: $16.95
Author Robert Alter
ISBN 0393337049
The Book of Psalms

Price: $21.95
Author J. Smith
ISBN 1530932416
The Book of Real Shit

Price: $15.00

Author Theodore Taylor
ISBN 044022912X
The Cay

Price: $8.99
Author Chancellor Williams
ISBN 0883780305
The Destruction Of Black Civilization

Price: $21.95
Author Carter G. Woodson
ISBN 1886433380
The Education Of The Negro

Price: $14.95
Author E.A. Wallis Budge
ISBN 161759041X
The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Price: $16.95
Author Dr. Tamara Pizzoli
ISBN 0996001603
The Ghanaian Goldilocks

Price: $15.95