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Recommended Titles

Author: Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN: 193415511X
100 Plus Educational Strategies...

Price: $14.95
Author: Deborah Smith Pegues
ISBN: 0736945741
30 Days to Taming Your Anger

Price: $6.99
Author: Karol V. Brown
ISBN: 0984005013
30 Lessons in Love,...

Price: $13.98
Author: P. K. Hallinan
ISBN: 0824955196
A Rainbow of Friends

Price: $4.99
Author: Margy Burns Knight, Mark Melnicove
ISBN: 0761316477
Africa Is Not a Country

Price: $9.95

Author: Llaila Afrika
ISBN: 1617590312
African Holistic Health

Price: $19.95
Author: William Gates
ISBN: 0486411303
An Aztec Herbal

Price: $10.95
Author: Amos N. Wilson
ISBN: 1879164019
Awakening the Natural Genius of ...

Price: $17.95
Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby
ISBN: 0061443123
Be Careful What You Pray for

Price: $13.99
Author: Claud Anderson
ISBN: 0966170210
Black Labor White Wealth

Price: $18.95

Author: John Howard Griffin
ISBN: 0451208641
Black Like Me

Price: $14.00
Author: Thelma Balfour
ISBN: 0684812096
Black Sun Signs

Price: $14.00
Author: Jay Jay Wilson & Ron Wallace
ISBN: 1592327001
Black Wallstreet

Price: $14.95
Author: William Blinn
ISBN: 0553266187
Brian's Song

Price: $7.99
Author: Cheikh Anta Diop
ISBN: 1556520484
Civilization or Barbarism

Price: $19.95

Author: Sharon P. Thomas
ISBN: 1467962570
Colors of the World

Price: $9.95
Author: Adam Gottlieb
ISBN: 0914171550
Cooking with Cannabis:

Price: $12.95
Author: Donna Brazile
ISBN: 074325399X
Cooking with Grease

Price: $16.00
Author: Michael Baisden
ISBN: 0615426263
Do Men Know What They Want?

Price: $14.95
Author: Suzy Cohen
ISBN: 1605294160
Drug Muggers

Price: $21.99

Author: Rudolph R. Windsor
ISBN: 0962088110
From Babylon to Timbuktu

Price: $13.95
Author: Askia Toure
ISBN: 0865431361
From The Pyramids To The Projects

Price: $29.95
Author: Rupert Lewis and Patrick Bryan
ISBN: 0865432244
Garvey His Work And Impact

Price: $14.97
Author: Angela Johnson
ISBN: 144240342X

Price: $7.99
Author: John P Parker
ISBN: 0393317188
His Promised Land

Price: $14.95

Author: Wendy Williams
ISBN: 0062268414
Hold Me in Contempt

Price: $14.99
Author: Williams & Sielski
ISBN: 0757301738
How to Be Like Jackie Robinson

Price: $17.95
Author: Nasir Hakim
ISBN: 0316523755
I Love My Hair

Price: $6.99
Author: Runoko Rashidi, John G. Jackson, John Henrik Clarke
ISBN: 0806521899
Introduction to African Civilizations

Price: $14.95
Author: Michael Tillotson
ISBN: 1592218024
Invisible Jim Crow

Price: $24.95

Author: Llaila Afrika
ISBN: 1592324959
Is Your Doctor's Medicine Killing You?

Price: $16.00
Author: Leon Hendrix
ISBN: 0312668813
Jimi Hendrix

Price: $25.99
Author: Jeannette Caines
ISBN: 0064430561
Just Us Women

Price: $6.99
Author: Michael Eric Dyson
ISBN: 0465018076
Know What I Mean?

Price: $13.95
Author: Leon Walter Tillage
ISBN: 0374443300
Leon's Story

Price: $6.99

Author: Malcolm X
ISBN: 0873485920
Malcolm X on Afro-American History

Price: $11.00
Author: Malcolm X
ISBN: 0873485467
Malcolm X Speaks

Price: $20.00
Author: Jorge Cervantes
ISBN: 187882323X
Marijuana Horticulture:

Price: $29.95
Author: Roger Roffman
ISBN: 1605985465
Marijuana Nation:

Price: $27.95
Author: Dr Hash
ISBN: 0957140967
Mary Jane's Hash Brownies,...

Price: $12.95

Author: Michael Eric Dyson
ISBN: 0465017703
Mercy, Mercy, Me

Price: $13.95
Author: Llaila Afrika
ISBN: 1886433305

Price: $18.95
Author: Nick J Tate
ISBN: 0893348627
Obamacare Survival Guide

Price: $19.95
Author: Martha R. Bireda
ISBN: 490283703X

Price: $13.95
Author: Cain Hope Felder
ISBN: 0817015116
Original African Heritage Study Bible

Price: $34.00

Author: Cheikh Anta Diop
ISBN: 1556520883
Precolonial Black Africa

Price: $16.95
Author: Eben Alexander
ISBN: 145169519
Proof of Heaven

Price: $15.99
Author: Dr. Umar Johnson
ISBN: 0988711605
Psycho-Academic Holocaust:

Price: $39.95
Author: Kevin A. Sabet
ISBN: 0825306981
Reefer Sanity:

Price: $14.95
Author: Deja King
ISBN: 0984332596
Rich or Famous...

Price: $15.00

Author: Karen DeYoung
ISBN: 1400075645
Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell

Price: $19.00
Author: Nelson Mandela
ISBN: 0873485939
Struggle is My Life

Price: $28.00
Author: Sylvia Woods
ISBN: 0688100120
Sylvia's Soul Food

Price: $21.99

Price: $0.10
Author: Nana Banchie Darkwah, Ph.D.
ISBN: 097019000X
The Africans Who Wrote the Bible

Price: $32.50

Author: Robert Greene
ISBN: 0142001198
The Art of Seduction

Price: $21.00
Author: Langston Hughes
ISBN: 0316380318
The Best Short Stories by Black Writers

Price: $16.99
Author: Lisa Akbari
ISBN: 1570719055
The Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair

Price: $19.99
Author: Blum & Harvey
ISBN: 0807835722
The Color of Christ

Price: $32.50
Author: Martin Koppel
ISBN: 1604880430
The Cuban Five

Price: $5.00

Author: Langston Hughes
ISBN: 0679883479
The Dream Keeper

Price: $8.99
Author: Walter Williams
ISBN: 1881040089
The Historical Origin Of Christianity

Price: $19.95
Author: Maulana Muhammad Ali
ISBN: 0913321052
The Holy Qur'an

Price: $26.95
Author: Gerald Hausman
ISBN: 0312167938
The Kebra Nagast

Price: $23.99
Author: Asa G. Hilliard
ISBN: 0933121849
The Maroon Within Us

Price: $16.95

Author: Henri Gamache
ISBN: 1930097069
The Mystery of the Long Lost 8th 9th, & 10th Books...

Price: $9.95
Author: Michelle Alexander
ISBN: 1595586431
The New Jim Crow

Price: $19.95
Author: Anthony Browder
ISBN: 092494403X
The Nile Valley Contribution To Civilization

Price: $20.00
Author: Unknown
ISBN: 0817015124
The Original African Heritage Study Bible

Price: $50.00
Author: Fred Crump Jr.
ISBN: 1555236243
The Other Little Angel: In a black ethnic format

Price: $7.95

Author: Random House Disney
ISBN: 0736426280
The Princess & the Frog Little Golden Book

Price: $3.99
Author: Arthur Koestler
ISBN: 0394402847
The Thirteenth (13th) Tribe

Price: $11.95
Author: Hon. de Sanusi
ISBN: 1592325394
The Ugly List America ...

Price: $15.95
Author: Willie Lynch
ISBN: 1592323065
The Willie Lynch Letter ...

Price: $4.95
Author: Chinua Achebe
ISBN: 0385474547
Things Fall Apart

Price: $11.95

Author: Harper Lee
ISBN: 0446310786
To Kill a Mockingbird

Price: $7.99
Author: Amos N. Wilson
ISBN: 1879164035
Understanding Black Adolescent Male Violence

Price: $12.95
Author: Joan Walsh
ISBN: 1118141067
What's the Matter with White People?

Price: $25.95
Author: Donald Goines
ISBN: 0870679481
White Man's Justice Black Man's Grief

Price: $7.99
Author: Holub & Hammomd
ISBN: 0448455862
Who Was Babe Ruth?

Price: $4.99

Author: Yvonne Davis Angela
ISBN: 0394713516
Women, Race, & Class

Price: $15.95
Author: Thomas Sankara
ISBN: 0873489888
Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle

Price: $8.00
Author: Jonah Winter
ISBN: 0375868445
You Never Heard of Willie Mays?

Price: $17.99