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Recommended Titles

Author: J.A. Rogers
ISBN: 1631820796
100 Amazing Facts About the Negro

Price: $8.95
Author: Ralph Ginzburg
ISBN: 0933121180
100 Years Of Lynchings

Price: $14.95
Author: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
ISBN: 0821421026
491 Days Prisoner Number 1323/69

Price: $44.95
Author: 50 Cent
ISBN: 1610820061
50th Law

Price: $14.95
Author: Don Freeman
ISBN: 0140503528
A Pocket for Corduroy

Price: $6.99

Author: Fred Crump Jr.
ISBN: 1555231519
A Rose For Zemira: In a black ethnic format

Price: $7.95
Author: Iyanla Vanzant
ISBN: 0671864165
Acts Of Faith

Price: $13.00
Author: Alex Cuoco
ISBN: 147872451X
African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits & ...

Price: $49.95
ISBN: 1930097875
Ancient and Modern Britons Vol. I

Price: $24.95
Author: Milton William Cooper
ISBN: 0929385225
Behold a Pale Horse

Price: $25.00

Author: Cheryl Willis Hudson & Bernette G. Ford
ISBN: 0940975238
Bright Eyes Brown Skin

Price: $7.95
Author: Carolyn B. Otto
ISBN: 142630319X
Celebrate Kwanzaa

Price: $15.95
Author: Michael Bradley
ISBN: 0883781476
Chosen People from the Caucasus

Price: $23.95
Author: Cissy Houston
ISBN: 006223949X
Cissy Houston-Remembering Whitney

Price: $27.99
Author: Robert Hayden
ISBN: 0871401592
Collected Poems

Price: $17.95

Author: Mikki Taylor
ISBN: 1439196729
Commander in Chic

Price: $28.99
Author: Kimberly McLeod
ISBN: 0982982518
Cooking Is For Girls

Price: $15.00
Author: Fidel Castro
ISBN: 1604880465
Cuba and Angola

Price: $12.95
Author: Jeremy Scahill
ISBN: 156858671X
Dirty Wars

Price: $29.99
Author: Barack Obama
ISBN: 1400082773
Dreams From My Father

Price: $14.95

Author: Bereket Habte Selassie
ISBN: 0821421271
Emperor Haile Selassie

Price: $16.95
Author: Indus Khamit Kush
ISBN: 1886433038
Enoch, the Ethiopian

Price: $18.95
Author: Patricia Hilden
ISBN: 1569022453
From A Red Zone

Price: $24.95
Author: Maya Angelou
ISBN: 1400068444
Great Food, All Day Long

Price: $30.00
Author: Chicoro
ISBN: 0982068905
Grow It!

Price: $19.00

Author: Queen Afua
ISBN: 1617590398
Heal Thyself

Price: $18.95
Author: Jeremiah Camara
ISBN: 0974796700
Holy Lockdown

Price: $14.95
Author: V. Brown
ISBN: 1938442695
I Am Her, the Mistress ( G Street Chronicles )

Price: $15.00
Author: Bill Cosby
ISBN: 0892969229
I Didn't Ask to Be Born (But I'm Glad I Was)

Price: $14.99
Author: Lori Robinson
ISBN: 1580050808
I Will Survive

Price: $15.95

Author: Runoko Rashidi, John G. Jackson, John Henrik Clarke
ISBN: 0806521899
Introduction to African Civilizations

Price: $14.95
Author: Ali & Maulana Muhammad
ISBN: 0913321060
Introduction to the Study of the Holy Quran

Price: $5.95
Author: Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN: 0974900028
Keeping Black Boys Out of Special Education

Price: $15.95
Author: Marian Wright Edelman
ISBN: 0060958596
Lanterns A Memoir of Mentors

Price: $14.99
Author: Hill Harper
ISBN: 1592402496
Letters to a Young Brother

Price: $16.00

Author: Nelson Mandela
ISBN: 0316548189
Long Walk to Freedom

Price: $17.99
Author: John Henrik Clark
ISBN: 0865432015
Malcolm X The Man And His Times

Price: $18.95
Author: Dorothy J. Hulst
ISBN: 1423106350
Martin's Big Words

Price: $7.99
Author: Niyi Afolabi
ISBN: 159221021X
Marvels Of The African World

Price: $14.95
Author: Ian Carr
ISBN: 1560259671
Miles Davis

Price: $22.00

Author: Fred Crump Jr.
ISBN: 1555231942
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes: In a black ethnic format

Price: $7.95
Author: Robin Roberts & Lucimarian Roberts
ISBN: 0835811077
My Story, My Song

Price: $18.00
Author: Lonnice B. Bonner
ISBN: 140005169X
Nice Dreads

Price: $15.99
Author: James C. Perkins
ISBN: 0817015256
Playbook for Christian Manhood

Price: $14.00
Author: Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN: 1934155071
Raising Black Boys

Price: $19.95

Author: Mildred Taylor
ISBN: 014034893x
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Price: $7.99
Author: Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan
ISBN: 068705396X
Sisters Bible Study Wising Up

Price: $10.99
Author: Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN: 1934155098
State of Emergency

Price: $16.95
Author: T D Jakes
ISBN: 0425200167
Ten Commandments ...

Price: $16.00
Author: Robert Greene
ISBN: 0140280197
The 48 Laws Of Power

Price: $24.00

Author: Cheikh Anta Diop
ISBN: 1556520727
The African Origin of Civilization

Price: $16.95
Author: Earl Ofari Hutchinson
ISBN: 0684836572
The Assassination of the Black Male Image

Price: $12.00
Author: Deja King
ISBN: 0984332537
The Bitch Is Back

Price: $15.00
Author: C.L.R. James
ISBN: 0679724672
The Black Jacobins

Price: $16.00
Author: Martin Koppel
ISBN: 1604880430
The Cuban Five

Price: $5.00

Author: Some & Some
ISBN: 087477991X
The Healing Wisdom of Africa

Price: $16.95
Author: Michael Bradley
ISBN: 1879831007
The Iceman Inheritance

Price: $15.95
Author: Carter G. Woodson
ISBN: 1617590738
The Mis-Education of the Negro

Price: $9.95
Author: Nathaniel Branden
ISBN: 1558742131
The Power of Self-Esteem

Price: $9.95
Author: Herbert Harris
ISBN: 0974836214
The Twelve Universal Laws of Success

Price: $14.95

Author: Kersey Graves
ISBN: 0948390158
The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

Price: $25.00
Author: Ivan Van Sertima
ISBN: 0812968174
They Came Before Columbus

Price: $15.95
Author: Jawanza Kunjufu
ISBN: 0913543101
To Be Popular or Smart

Price: $9.95
Author: Juwanda G. Ford
ISBN: 0375803297
Together for Kwanzaa

Price: $4.00
Author: Myles Munroe
ISBN: 0883687259
Understanding the Purpose & Power of Men

Price: $13.99

Author: Myles Munroe
ISBN: 0883686716
Understanding the Purpose & Power of Woman

Price: $13.99
Author: Bryant Terry
ISBN: 0738212288
Vegan Soul Kitchen

Price: $18.95
Author: J.A. Rogers
ISBN: 0933121040
Your History

Price: $11.95