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Author: J.A. Rogers
ISBN: 1631820796
100 Amazing Facts About the Negro
100 Amazing Facts About the Negro: With Complete Proof by J.A. Rogers was an ant...
Price: $8.95
Author: Ralph Ginzburg
ISBN: 0933121180
100 Years Of Lynchings
Compiles vivid newspaper accounts from 1886 to 1960 to provide insight and under...
Price: $14.95
Author: Richard Wright
ISBN: 1560254467
12 Million Black Voices
Ffirst published in 1941, combines Wright's prose with startling photographs sel...
Price: $20.95

Author: Charles Mann
ISBN: 1400032059
New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
Price: $16.95
Author: James M. Blaut
ISBN: 0865433704
The Debate on Colonialism, Eurocentrism, and History
Price: $16.95
Author: Charles Mann
ISBN: 0307278247
Uncovering the New World Columbus Created
Price: $16.95

Author: Karol V. Brown
ISBN: 0984005013
30 Lessons in Love,...
30 Lessons in Love, Leadership and Legacy from Harriet Tubman
Price: $13.98
Author: Yosef ben-Jochannan
ISBN: 0933121288
A Chronology Of The Bible
A Chronology of the Bible (first published in 1972) is perhaps his most popular ...
Price: $5.00
Author: David K. Shipler
ISBN: 0679734546
A Country of Strangers
A Country of Strangers is a magnificent exploration of the psychological landsca...
Price: $19.95

Author: Ronald Takaki
ISBN: 0316022365
A Different Mirror
Upon its first publication, "A Different Mirror" was hailed by critics and acade...
Price: $18.00
Author: Jacqueline Jones
ISBN: 0465036708
A Dreadful Deceit
A Dreadful Deceit: The Myth of Race from the Colonial Era to Obama's America
Price: $29.99
Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
ISBN: 0807000639
A Gift of Love:
Sermons from Strength to Love and Other Preachings (Revised) ( King Legacy )
Price: $18.00

Author: Carlotta Walls Lanier
ISBN: 0345511018
A Mighty Long Way
My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High School
Price: $16.00
Author: Elizabeth Dowling Taylor
ISBN: 0230341985
A Slave in the White House
Paul Jennings and the Madisons
Price: $21.99
Author: Yosef ben-Jochannan
ISBN: 0933121253
Mother of Western Civilization
Price: $34.95

Author: Richard Dowden
ISBN: 1586488163
Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles
Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles
Price: $19.95
Author: Lean'tin Bracks
ISBN: 1578593239
African American Almanac
"The most complete and affordable single-volume reference of African American cu...
Price: $22.95
Author: Virginia Mecklenburg
ISBN: 0847838900
African American Art
Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Era and Beyond
Price: $60.00

Author: Lowell D Thompson
ISBN: 0738588539
African Americans in Chicago
The story of black Chicago is so rich that few know it all.
Price: $21.99
Author: Karin L Stanford
ISBN: 0738580945
African Americans in Los Angeles
The notion of Los Angeles as a wonderful place of opportunity contributed to the...
Price: $21.99
Author: Michael Burgan
ISBN: 0531219585
African Americans in the Thirteen Colonies
Cornerstones of Freedom
Price: $8.95

Author: Ishakamusa Barashango -
ISBN: 1602810001
Afrikan People and European Holidays Vol 1
As a race of people, we are entering into a very crucial and decisive period in ...
Price: $12.95
Author: Ishakamusa Barashango -
ISBN: 160281001X
Afrikan People and European Holidays Vol 2
Originally we had intended to include the section entitled “Easter, the Festival...
Price: $14.95
Author: Immanuel Velikovsky
ISBN: 1906833141
Ages in Chaos II
In his book "Ramses II and His Time," Immanuel Velikovsky continues his reconstr...
Price: $23.49

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