Black Labor, White Wealth

Author Claud Anderson
ISBN 0966170210
Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power and Economic Justice - Dr. Anderson's first book is a classic. It tracks slavery and Jim Crow public policies that used black labor to construct a superpower nation. It details how black people were socially engineered into the lowest level of a real life Monopoly game, which they are neither playing or winning. Black Labor is a comprehensive analysis of the issues of race. Dr. Anderson uses the anaylsis in this book to offer solutions to America's race problem.
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The Search for Power and Economic Justice
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Customer Service African Bookstore
- 5/1/2017
I ordered Black Labor//White Wealth as recommended by Dr. Boyce Watkins on Friday, April 28,2017. I received a thank letter from the owner of owner thanking me for my order and I received my book on Monday, May 1, 2017. Excellent customer service and I cread more

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