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Life in Music City: A Memoir

Author LaToya Jawara
ISBN 9798353787280
Life in Music City: A Memoir - Many different men in LaToya's life abused her. It started with her very own biological father who sexually molested her at five years old. Her stepfather propositioned her and created a volatile, domestic violent living environment for her and her family members. A local boy from the neighborhood raped her, causing her to prematurely lose her virginity at just thirteen years old, and even gave her pregnancy scares. She eventually had a nervous breakdown in adolescence and got hospitalized in mental hospitals four times from sixteen years of age to eighteen years of age. After getting on her feet and finding the man of her dreams, she experienced a messy, devastating divorce where her husband abandoned her and married someone else. Now living a celibate lifestyle, she wonders if she'll ever find love again.
Price: $12.99
This book is about a native Nashvillian living in "Music City." She survived child sex abuse, was hospitalized in mental hospitals, and has been stigmatized because of having mental illness.
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