So Frail...:

Author Racine McGee
ISBN 1483584054
So Frail...: A Reality to Black Male Masculinity - The content within this writing is specifically used to disseminate information. It is not used to persuade, dissuade or convince anyone into accepting or denying any ideologies. It is simply used to express some of the conditions that affect Black men throughout the diaspora. The goal of the writing is to spark the thoughts that will bring about the change necessary to improve the conditions of the relationships within the Black community. Read these words with objectivity; allowing the information to provide you with a perspective that may, or may not, have been considered. Thank you.
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A Reality to Black Male Masculinity
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Unconventional and Unapologetic!
- 10/4/2019
This body of work strips us of all excuses and forces readers to be accountable for the role we each play in the emasculation of Black Men and how we've continued a toxic cycle of incorrectly defining and labeling masculinity.

So Frail is a call to actread more