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Favorite authors
Author Ahjamu Umi
ISBN 1616675233
The Courage Equation
...is extremely creative and clever narrative centered on issues of white suprem...
Price: $21.99
Author Lon Reese
ISBN 1291169210
The Crooked Bullet
Crime, Comedy, & Thriller
Price: $11.95
Author Kayla Perrin
ISBN 0312336098
The Delta Sisters
The Grayson family is a pillar of the African-American community in New Orleans.
Price: $23.99

Author Langston Hughes
ISBN 0679883479
The Dream Keeper
And Other Poems
Price: $14.99
Author Fred Crump Jr.
ISBN 1555234577
The Ebony Duckling
A retold and illustrated fairy tale.
Price: $8.95
Author L. Carter Stephen
ISBN 0375712925
The Emperor of Ocean Park
Carter combines a riveting legal thriller with the saga of a unique family, set ...
Price: $16.95

Author Basimah Rasha
ISBN 1524689203
The Epitome of Truth
Destiny is a compelling woman that has an alluring desire for writing.
Price: $14.99
Author Cicely Rue
ISBN 0997388900
The Eye of the Panther
"The only thing a man can give up for his freedom, equality and justice is his r...
Price: $14.95
Author Edwidge Danticat
ISBN 1616953497
The Farming of Bones
From the acclaimed author of "Krik? Krak!". 1937
Price: $18.00

Author Michael R. Lane
ISBN 1634913566
The Gem Connection
Clinton Windell is murdered and robbed of twenty million dollars in uncut gems.
Price: $16.95
Author Dr. Tamara Pizzoli
ISBN 0996001603
The Ghanaian Goldilocks
Set in Accra, Ghana, The Ghanaian Goldilocks is a modern twist on the classic Go...
Price: $15.95
Author Courttia Newland
ISBN 1617751332
The Gospel According to Cane
After her infant son is kidnapped, ...
Price: $17.95

Author MedC Harry
ISBN 1425153720
The Growing Up Years
The short stories in “The Growing Up Years” were contributed by different author...
Price: $13.17
Author Shaon Bell Mathis
ISBN 014240702X
The Hundred Penny Box (Collector's)
Michael's great-great-aunt Dew was a hundred years old, ...
Price: $9.99
Author Kofi Addo-Nkum
ISBN 1535601221
The Hunter and the Eaglet
A Ghanaian Folktale Retold
Price: $8.99

Author Terry McMillan
ISBN 0670031445
The Interruption of Everything
The perfect wife and mother of three grown children, Marilyn Grimes struggles to...
Price: $27.95
Author Carl Weber
ISBN 1455505242
The Man in 3b
"Meet Darryl Graham, or as his new neighbors in Jamaica, Queens call him, The Ma...
Price: $18.00
Author Aminatta Forna
ISBN 080214568X
The Memory of Love
Adrian Lockheart is a psychologist escaping his life in England.
Price: $16.95

Author Bonita Thompson
ISBN 1593096224
The New Middle
Five middle-aged characters face the randomness of fate ...
Price: $18.00
Author Fred Crump Jr.
ISBN 1555236243
The Other Little Angel
In a black ethnic format
Price: $8.95
Author Vanessa Davis Griggs
ISBN 0758273592
The Other Side of Dare
In a powerful new inspirational novel in the Blessed Trinity series, the award-w...
Price: $17.00

Author Virginia Hamilton
ISBN 0679843361
The People Could Fly
American Black Folktales
Price: $15.00
Author Gillian Berry
ISBN 0986355941
The Righteous Sin
Sis Georgina has devoted her whole life to embodying her idea of a perfect Chri...
Price: $19.99
Author Sue Monk Kidd
ISBN 0143114557
The Secret Life of Bees
Sue Monk Kidd is an extraordinary storyteller.
Price: $19.00

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